On-Campus Student Employment

The costs associated with attending college and finding a way to manage your finances can be overwhelming. We suggest a simple solution — work on campus!

Working on campus can ease the financial burden of attending college by allowing you to earn money to help cover personal expenses, transportation, housing and even tuition. Aside from earning extra money, it provides real-world experience and an opportunity for you to gain valuable skills to build your resume. Don’t worry, if you did not qualify for a federal work-study award, you can still find a flexible part-time job working at Spelman College.

For information about open positions on-campus, follow this link and click on “Student Employment” to get to iNotes where you can view job descriptions and apply.

Your iNotes login is as follows:
Username = the first part of your Spelman email address (for example – bsmart if your email is bsmart@spelman.edu)
Password = “Sp” + your 900# + ! (for example – Sp900123456!)

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to find and apply to on-campus jobs!

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