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Trick or Treat! Don’t Be Afraid of Recruiting Season

October can be a scary season for more reasons than just the ghosts and spiders. For many college students, now is the time when everything seems to be happening at once: classes are in full swing, midterms are quickly approaching, …

By Kendra [uConnect]
Kendra [uConnect]
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How Can “A Summer Internship” Turn Into the “The Best Summer of Your Life”?

Are internships meant to be purely transactional, professional activities, or are they supposed to leave an indelible mark on shaping a future professional? This article tries to map the journey of a simple summer internship becoming the best summer of …

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Midterm Checklist: Four Things to Do Around Spring Break

It's SPRING BREAK—or at least it's really, really close. But do you know what comes first? Midterms. And travel planning. And a whole mess of stuff. I know it probably feels like the semester just started (and it kind of …

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From College to Retirement: Mapping Your Career Path for Success

Many people think of their lives as a series of phases that are passed through. In one phase, you are planning your college career to help you get the right job, in another you are saving for retirement and for …

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Don’t “Do What You Love,” Do What Lets You Have the Life You Want

When it comes to career advice, we’ve all heard, “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.” Or picked up Marsha Sinetar’s book proclaiming, “Do what you love, the money will follow.” Or thought of …

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My Next Move

My Next Move is an interactive tool for job seekers and students to learn more about their career options. The …


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